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Editing names for multiple nodes at once

Editing names for multiple nodes at once

Sounds pretty simple, right? ;D

When selecting multiple nodes in the "Manage Nodes" page you can obviously edit them in bulk, but it only lets you change settings for polling, dependencies, custom properties, etc. This is what I think it should look like:

Level 17

Can we put in a Check Box in to enable the option...

I agree! Slight oversight on my part.

This would be handy to remove things like the FQDN from nodes

Level 9

This feature would be nice. I have been looking for this feature for a long time.

Level 17

I would rather see this in the Custom Property Editor - and consider the name a 'Custom Property' - In essence I want a way to remove the domain that is added by DNS at the end of the node.

cahunt so like a list


and you could remove them from the environment? The same way you remove Items from a list now?

Level 17

That may be useful, I am just considering the option of allowing editing to the name when using the Custom property editor, you can edit everything else just about, why not the name?

   So that I can remove the domain from the name. Unless I am missing a way to have the node entered into NPM without the domain.  I guess I do want the FQDN, but minus(-) ; so we get just the node name.

Level 17

I can't see a node name showing with a list like that. My nodes are network equipment mostly. In your example the name I would want showing is 'server'

Level 7

Hi Friend ,

I added all my nodes with shortname and now i want to make them FQDN so is there a quick way of doing it? I think you have tried something similar?

Bumping! This just came up at the London SWUG