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Edit username / Copy user

Edit username / Copy user

Imagine that you want to create a user that uses the same set of views of another user, it would be much easier with a COPY button.
My idea is to add a copy button in the user management page (as in manage views), as well as the option to edit the name of a user.

Level 11

Let's make this one happen! We need the ability to copy user when making a new user.

Please Solarwinds! Listen to us!

Level 20

And if you are going to impliment this why not do the same exact thing for groups right???

ecklerwr1‌ , yes that too.....

Level 8

Being the one that manages all new users for Solarwinds this would make new hire process go so much smoother and not worrying did I set this one right for their department.

Level 9

Came across a requirement for this today. Was surprised that this isn't already a feature!!!

This is still a good idea.

Labor Day Bump !

In larger environments i would believe there is need for this but when you have a small shop, i don't know that i would want to pay more for it.   Sadly Solarwinds inst an inexpensive software package and i am sure that would give them an excuse to add more cost to their bottom line.   Have to recoup those development costs.

Level 12

Yes that would be nice feature.

200K bump !