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Edit username / Copy user

Edit username / Copy user

Imagine that you want to create a user that uses the same set of views of another user, it would be much easier with a COPY button.
My idea is to add a copy button in the user management page (as in manage views), as well as the option to edit the name of a user.

Level 8

Good idea - really need this!

Level 10

Long overdue.  Sure seems like it ought to be fairly easy to accomplish.

Level 10

Either that or just templates...

Adding to this as a "sub-request" - it would be nice to have some kind of notes field or nickname field where you can place notes about the user. My reason for wanting this, is that we have a bunch of AD accounts, and they're basically domain\###### where the numbers are the person's employee ID, so remembering everyone's ID or keeping them written down can be a pain, what I'd like to do is be able to at least glance at it and go "Oh, that's Mark." That way if I'm trying to set up a view for Mark, I don't have to go digging for which of the 30 employee IDs in there is his.

Notes fields for user accounts? Sounds like Custom Properties for users. And that opens a whole load of potential reporting options on user accounts and their actions,

Level 20

This sounds awfully familiar to me... ours looks like that too!

Level 12

BIG TIME! The lack of this is so annoying

Level 8

Excellent Idea.  We are in the process of a network migration where a couple of new groups will need access. being able to copy one user and create the rest of those users with special limitations or access would be wonderful.  AD integration helps some, but doesn't cover everything since getting a new AD group created is like pulling teeth.

Level 12

Great idea

still need it...