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Edit username / Copy user

Edit username / Copy user

Imagine that you want to create a user that uses the same set of views of another user, it would be much easier with a COPY button.
My idea is to add a copy button in the user management page (as in manage views), as well as the option to edit the name of a user.


I like this....

Level 13

Could have used this today.

Level 10

Just like Active Directory, duplicate a user and change the name for the new user.

Level 9

Awesome idea!!

Level 20

Duplicate would be fine...

And then we could have users created from templates

Level 13

Voted up for the rename side - I cheat / "Found a work around" with the copying of users though [we use single accounts - not via AD auth.], it's a little fiddly but I accidentally discovered this a couple of months ago and it works for me in the interim of UI update....

I'll post it separately as a how-to so it can be found, as I was only pointed to this issue by robertcbrowning after he replied to my renaming issue as my thwack searches failed [templete vs template].

how-to for copying of users / user template here: Work around How-to: NPM User template / Duplicate local user

Level 11

I approve this message. Copy user is SUPER helpful!

Good idea.   Just like setting up a phone in CM you can copy one already done and just change some key information

Can we get a mod to merge my post from 2013/10 for this idea with this one, since this one has more votes? Or do we still lack the technology? lol...

Although I doubt merging them would actually accomplish anything towards getting this idea implemented, it would at least remove another duplicate.