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Easier monitoring for individual F5 Virtual Server connections.

Easier monitoring for individual F5 Virtual Server connections.

I love the fact that their is some tighter integration between SolarWinds and monitoring BigIP LTM's. I was wondering if there are any plans to improve on that monitoring, I what love to see a more streamlined way for monitoring the individual virtual servers closer. This can be done via SNMP & UnDP's however it is quite a lengthy process.

Browsing the the tree on an LTM, you can find the following, which contains a number of different metrics you can poll for:

After you decide the metric you want to poll you have to convert the virtual server name from ascii to decimal, this is the time consuming part.

Orion is already polls for the currently virtual server with it's current integration. So a good amount of the information is there already.

I did a write-up some time ago showing how time consuming the process can be, and all the steps involved.

Poll individual virtual server statistics on F5 LTM’s using SNMP. | CCIE or Null!

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Hey Ya'll,

Would you be interested in participating in The Big Fun F5 Brainstorm

Level 11

My apologies Katie I did not see your comment until now. Is it too late to participate?

Product Manager
Product Manager

Hey Stephen Occhiogrosso,

These brainstorming session have already passed, but we will be doing more testing on the subject in the future. I am adding Kellie Mecham so she knows that you are interested in the topic. Thanks for writing back!

Level 13

Hi Stephen,

If you could send me an actual old fashioned email at with some basic info about you, such as your role, your company, the SW products you own as well as a short description of anything in particular you are most interested in giving feedback about/seeing designs about, that would be most welcome.  That way I can add you to my list!

Level 11

Definitely will! Kellie Mecham I'll send you a quick email tonight!

Thank you katieb

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Community Manager
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