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EIGRP support

EIGRP support

Support EIGRP for routing neighbors/changes.

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Level 7

Why was this left out, EIGRP is a routing protocol ??...

Level 12

I think that it was left out since it is Cisco's proprietary protocol

Level 16

Cisco owns almost 70% of the global router market share.  I think that's a good reason to support it.

Level 13

Regardless of market share, if enough of the NPM user base request it then it should be supported.

I've done my vote-up; we need more of the user-base to also vote-up this feature request as I'm sure there's more than 37 users (current vote as of this writing) that would like this feature.

Level 16

Agreed, and my understanding/hunch is that Solarwinds is working on this feature....  although I doubt we will see it next week, but I'm confident we will see it soon....

Level 13

Not sure if anyone else has noticed, but NPM does see EIGRP route tables, but I don't think it's complete information, and why it's not listed as fully supported, but I just worked in an environment, and we were able to pull EIGRP route information, but it did seem incomplete.

Yes, and other tools appear focused on Cisco technologies. I assume EIGRP will appear, I voted up, we'll see.

Level 20

It make no sense the leave the most common Cisco Interior Routing Protocol out...

Level 16

WOO HOO!!!!!  This is on the "What we are working on next" list!!!!

Level 9

I'd say this is a good feature to metric by however I think the reason it was left out in the past was because if you have 4 Cisco routers and 1 Juniper router then EIGRP is out the window