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Drag and Drop Dependency Mapping

Drag and Drop Dependency Mapping

Like many others the need for proper event management and root cause analysis can be mitigated using groups and dependency correctly

However creating embedded groups nested within groups across multiple sites and devices is terribly hard to manage and setup. Not being able to visualize this within the product is needed (considering the product is all about visualization)

In most cases we just drop all site assets into a group and make that dependent on the sites edge router. In reality this is not correct in a normal network topology were there are usually many upstream devices with many independent parent / child relationships (as per the diagram)

I'd like to propose a function where we can dynamically drag and drop nodes/devices/application/services via a web interface. This could be as simple as a parent / child with an indented list, to something more complex via a drag and drop GUI.

A drag and drop GUI would make better long term sense though to help ensure proper root cause analysis can be quickly identified and actioned.


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This has been out here for almost 2 years. Did you find a product that could to this for you? I found a tool call iTop that seems similar to what you are discussing. However, it would be nice if it was something native to Solarwinds rather than having to build a ETL process between iTop and Solarwinds.


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