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Display web-based reports as a resource in page view

Display web-based reports as a resource in page view

Unfortunately you can't add a web-based report as a resource like you can with ReportWriter reports.

You can however use a Custom Table resource and configure it up to look like your web-based report. The bad part with this is if the report has too many lines, you get "The resource doesn't show all data." at the bottom of the report which then makes it useless as you're not seeing all the info as you would if you opened up the web-based report.

This feature request is to ask to have the option of a web-based report to be added in as a resource. The other benefit of this is if you need to modify the report, you only have to do it in 1 place - Manage Reports'.


This needs to be voted up! I'm surprised it can't be done as yet! Please vote

Level 8

Yes! Lets please vote on this feature. In the next Solarwinds update moving forward there will no longer be any more reportwriter from what I have read. So even more reason to get this feature integrated into Solarwinds Orion.

Yup agreed, this is a must have. Let's promote this

Level 7

Yes !!! that will be nice

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open for Voting