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Display link utilization on Network Atlas maps when a single end is monitored

Display link utilization on Network Atlas maps when a single end is monitored

Currently there's a limitation on link utilization display on Network Atlas as both ends of the link need to be monitored by Solarwinds.

In case Solarwinds monitors only one end of the link, the other end would be a carrier PE for instance on which we can't have SNMP read access, that would be great to have that feature available.

So we can have for example MPLS links utilization displayed on our maps.


Level 9

I would really like to be able to do this as well in Network Atlas, but as a work around I found attaching a label to the interface and using these variables listed below to be a quick workaround.

Out: ${Outbps}

In: ${Inbps}

This feature request has been open for some time. I am creating WAN bandwidth maps for customers and repeatedly explaining that I need visibility on both sides of the link to visually display link utilisation (apart form a text label).

I would not have thought this was particularly hard to implement. It is functionality that exists within several other products on the market. Could I please get an update on whether this feature is in the pipeline?

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This feature really sounds like a no-brainer... I wonder why it wasn't implemented this way in the first place.

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Gave it another bump!

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As a n00b organisation to Solarwinds this is definitely something we'd like to see - come on guys, it's been on the cards since 2014 how about actually implementing it?

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Product Manager
Product Manager

As it cannot be discussed in this thread, I will highly encourage users interested in this functionality to try the new Orion Maps Beta available through the NPM, NTA, and SAM Beta Forums.

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Product Manager