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Display Count of Members Per Group

Display Count of Members Per Group

In our Summary view, we have "All Nodes" and "All Groups" dashboard resources to give us a high-level view of what devices we have in our network. They look something like this:

What I'm interested in seeing is not only the name of each group, but also the number of nodes in each group in these resources. That way they'd look something like this:

Currently, these resources provide no methods for displaying the number of members belonging to each group. We've written custom SWQL queries to generate these numbers in additional dashboard resources, but these clutter up our dashboard views. My proposal offers a cleaner presentation of the information I'm looking for, and I believe it would also be useful for others, especially considering that no default reports provide this information either.

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Please share the SQWL that you used for this solution

Level 7

Specifically for displaying nodes per group

One thing to consider is whether adding the numbers of nodes in groups also results in those groups providing access to the nodes below them.  If so, it may slow down the loading of your main page. 

I see all the counts of node members when I go to Manage Nodes and use the drop down to Group By Machine Type.  This works well for my team since we don't need the count of nodes per group on the front NPM page.  Would it work for you, too?

That Manage Nodes drop down gives many options for displaying/sorting nodes.  By Machine Type, by Vendor, etc.