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DiscoverVolumesOnNode and AddVolumesonNode verbs

DiscoverVolumesOnNode and AddVolumesonNode verbs


I would like the above verbs to be added to the Orion API so that I can programmatically and in an automated manner discover and add volumes into my SolarWinds environment.  Currently this is a manual process that runs several times a day and eats up several man hours every month to just add the new volumes found in a discovery  Thanks!.

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Level 11

This is really a key feature, I'm surprised by the lack focus on making automated additions of nodes easier by Solarwinds.

Level 9

its ridiculous Solarwinds expects you to manually select volumes on each node. do their customers only have a few dozen servers? once you hit the thousands, doing this level of manual micromanagement is just ridiculous for a program that's supposed to monitor servers in the thousands.

Level 12

in fairness to solarwinds, the new ability to automatically add the results of a discovery has made this feature less of a need for us.

Level 8

can you elaborate on what youre saying?

I dont understand how adding the results of a discovery helps you select volumes on a node.