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Disable "Notification Bar" (new blog post, etc) - Case 705286

Disable "Notification Bar" (new blog post, etc) - Case 705286

PLEASE allow us to disable this unwanted 'feature'.

We have a NOC view and do not want screen real estate being taken whenever there is a 'new blog post', or 'a new version is available', or 'network discovery results', etc.

We need the ability to disable this notification bar.

Level 17

As long as the NOC account isn't an admin, it shouldn't see these I would assume.  I'm guessing this is not what you are seeing though?

Level 9

Users with Admin rights can only see that. So you should modify or reconfigure user rights.

Level 8


Solarwinds could allow the option to turn off the notification bar which is why I've made this feature request.

Level 17

I agree SolarWinds could allow for the option (why I voted up) but I think we're just wanting to make sure everyone is aware there is a workaround for this.

Level 10

Also agreed - while I have a use for the product updates available, I have little use for the spammy blog posts.

Level 10

I would like to turn off the notifications bell, but create alerts instead. Also, I would like to filter some of the notifications. There are too many "FYI" type notifications (e.g. Discovery Import Successful, Log received from unknown node, new version announcements, etc.) I don't see why these need to be listed.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open for Voting