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Disable (and re-enable) Alerts For Node Components

Disable (and re-enable) Alerts For Node Components

Forgive me if this is a duplicate Enhancement Request, perhaps my verbiage is off.

Coming from an open source, and other competitor products this is something that SolarWinds could really use.

We all know that we can temporarily disable the alerting via the Unmanage option, but this applies to the ENTIRE node.  This may be fine in some cases, but what if you need to retain stats for a system (uptime, etc)?

managed node.png

It'd be great if we could Disable alerting for a specific component, whether it's a Disk Drive, Network Adapter, Service, etc.  I've created a example of how you can manage the interface, drive, etc. below.


When clicking on the Unmanage button, you'll be prompted just as you are for the node, to specify a date/time you wish the device to be unmanaged for.  Notice the header of the window which describes the component you are unmanaging.


After setting the component to Unmanage, the interface would change as well.


Additionally it would be ideal if the Polling info would update showing the details of the object.  An example is below.  It would show when the Unmanage is set to expire, and when the Unmanage was set.


Level 10

I would also like the option to still poll the component but to disable alerting for it. We have a lot of issues in our environment where response time alerts are triggered for pollers gathering statistical data.