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Default value in custom properties

Default value in custom properties

I believe it would be a nice option to set a default value in custom properties so that when something is found/created/added (like an interface or a node), then the custom properties associated to that thing can have a default value other than an empty field.

Thank you.


Default value now in Core2015.1 db - just seems to be unused by the Web console GUI as it picks first alphabetical choice.

Level 12

Sorry can you elaborate? Is this feature available or not?

‌not that I can see. Just a table field unused as of 11.5

petition for it as this would be great to have.

This is really a necessary feature. I'm not sure why you can select something as "required" but have it populate with no values during scheduled discoveries.  Also, this would save a lot of time, and frustration, as it adds additional steps if anyone adds anything to monitoring, and critical custom properties do not get updated.

Instead of allowing nothing, NULL, checking the required field option forces in the first field value by alpha order. So since No comes before Yes I have had to reword all my custom properties so that NO default value is ok.

Along with not being able to rename custom properties allowing us to choose the default value is an import feature request.

Level 12

I recently cleaned up some fields by making the a drop down required box. Turned out to be pain in different ways.

I came on the boards to find the solution, or at least a backdoor workaround.

I'm really surprised this feature does not exist.


Level 12

Is there a way we can give this a SUPER BUMP?  

This is a dead thread for a feature/problem that I think a great deal of people would be interested in/appreciate.

Here's to the weekend!

Level 12