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Default Thresholds for Consecutive Polls in Sustained Thresholds

Default Thresholds for Consecutive Polls in Sustained Thresholds

Add a default for 'consecutive polls' to 'Orion General Thresholds' for the new 'Sustained Thresholds' feature.


Currently you can only specify the 'consecutive polls' in the node properties


Being able to specify a 'default' would allow overrides of CPU usage (presently) and 'consecutive polls' gives greater flexibility to alerting.  Some nodes will require longer/shorter sustained utilization for alerting/notification.



100% Upvote - Calling for the #bumpsquad

100% up from me!

I just wanted to clarify for those who struggle to understand what's going on here:

This feature request comes as a result of new additional control over thresholds in Orion 2019.2 as described here: Orion Platform 2019.2 - Enhanced Node Status

In short - it will now be possible to set "consecutive polls" on a node level per threshold overrides (such as CPU, Memory, etc) - second screenshot above. However, default global thresholds were somehow missed out from this new additional control - first screenshot above.  Therefore, this request is to bring in-line both global default thresholds and overrides

I am actually very surprised this new control over overrides did not account for same adjustment in default global thresholds to start with... I think this is pretty obvious - overrides are there to override global defaults, and as such must be consistent by design

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alexslv thanks for helping to clarify

Yep please, I actually raised a case for this already.

The Enhanced Status, although useful, created more noise for us at first as our Dashboard highlights Groups and Nodes with Problems. So I'm having to go through node by node to set these consecutuve node polls as don't want to see nodes with CPU/Memory issues after a single poll.

Also if and when this is implemented please make sure it applied to other modules such as VMAN.

Level 12
Level 12

aLTeReGo are you the right person to contact about getting this added/fixed for the new feature?

Product Manager
Product Manager

I know it's not quite the same thing, but you can bulk edit your nodes and apply sustained thresholds to them en masse.

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