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Custom Property Automated Rules

Custom Property Automated Rules

We have quite a few custom properties that get added, though quite a few of them could be automatically detected.

For example we have the following custom property



-New York



All of which need to be manually selected, though this could be worked out using the same "Dynamic Query" that the groups uses and allocated automatically.

Region Default Value: London

Rule 1: IF hostname includes LON THEN Value: London

Rule 2: IF IP Address is part of subnet THEN Value: Dubai


This would greatly help enhance the Node Discovery Auto Import feature!


You could automate this by using the SDK.

The Script would read the Orion Database, determine custom properties based on your rules and write those back to the DB.

I am doing this for some customers.

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That's a good shout thanks, hadn't thought to look at the SDK for doing this.  I guess I could run it as a powershell SAM monitor and report the result back to SAM for tracking and reporting etc.

I would not run it in SAM, I would purely use the SDK for that and run a scheduled task from the Task planner for that.

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One could also use alerts.

Trigger Condition:

All child conditions must be satisfied (AND)

Node - Node Name - contains - JCMO -

Nodes Custom Properties - Address1 - is empty

Trigger Actions:

1. Change 'Address1' property to '100 W High St'

2. Change 'AddressCity' property to 'Jefferson City'

Et al.

This could be used in conjunction with dynamic groups.

Good catch!

I love the thought of managing dynamic custom Properties with alerts. I first heard about this in the advanced alerting class that is available in the Solarwinds Portal.

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Let me tell you: It is a huge time saver.

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I've just done this and it worked a treat, just need to work out how to auto acknowledge the Alert without needing to run IE to open the ack URL.  Any ideas?

Level 12

what do you have to reset condition as? I have mine set to Reset this alert when trigger condition is no longer true (Recommended).

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And that acknowledge the alert? I have that set but the alert just sits unacknowledged.

I would reset the Alert immediately (in this case after 10 seconds which is the lowest value) or when your custom Property field contains the right value (or "is not empty").

There is no need having the alert sitting there.