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Custom Live Pie Charts (Status)

Custom Live Pie Charts (Status)

I think it would be great if we could create custom pie charts to show the current Live UP/DOWN Status All/Selected Nodes.

This would really help this show much better when nodes go down and makes it more of a clean Summary Monitoring Page for a Monitoring Screen on the wall

Level 10
Level 9

Above workaround not works in NPM 11.5.

Kindly share if any another solution.

Level 10

I upgraded NPM to 11.5.2 and the original code still works for me. Please make sure your Web server IIS supports ASP, not Solarwinds itself.

Product Manager
Product Manager

While not a pie chart, as of NPM 12.3 we added a widget that might provide something similar to what you are looking for.  The Custom Tile widget provides a quick and easy method for rolling up status of entities, while eliminating having to scroll through endless lists.  It will also highlight the most excessive alerts seen from this group of entities.   


This is available in the Widget Drawer of course and offers a ton of flexibility to users who want to have a summarized view rolled up in a single resource. 


Choose from any entity type currently being monitored by Orion such as, Applications, Transactions, Nodes, or even NetPath Services, and obtain a consolidated roll up of their statuses.  If you are looking for additional filtering options, we have built in a couple of different options.


The Advanced Entity Filter makes it easy to make selections so that you could have Summary Tiles consisting of devices with a specific Custom Property or any other criteria that makes sense for the dashboard you are creating. 

Tile Advanced Entity Filter.gif

The Advanced SWQL Filter is also available if you prefer to unleash your own scripts. 

Level 9

Although it might represent the same type of data, pie / donut charts are more informative / friendly for everyone.

e.g: it is easier to see that 1/3 is bigger than 1/4 in pie slices

Level 13

Yeah, while I like the new widget compared to what was available before, there is so much wasted white-space in it (a trend I've noticed in a lot of their new UI items).  I really would like to see more layout customizations with the new UI elements, including this widget.  Like it'd be nice if this widget gave the option of icons, pie-charts, etc..  It'd also be nice if we could decide where in the widget each thing was displayed, whether or not clicking something in the widget opens up in a new tab or in the same tab, what color the background and text is, and what font they all displayed as.  I mean, they're creating new UI elements from scratch, why not take this opportunity to make these new widgets fully customizable by the customers?

Community Manager
Community Manager
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