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Custom Headers / Tabs in the Menu Bar NPM 12

Custom Headers / Tabs in the Menu Bar NPM 12

It would be beneficial in NPM 12 to have similar control in which we had previously over the Menu Bars / Tabs.

Yes, I understand I am able to build my own menu bar, but wouldn't it be more beneficial to be able to create your own tab?

Why do I want to show "My Dashboards" to my users instead of something customized to their view?

Why do I want my users to have to go to "My Dashboards" and then click "Home" to get back to their default page?  That's now two clicks versus one.

If I have a user ask to have a custom built page as a tab because they access it more frequently than any other page, let's make it possible.

What about for management who wishes to have multiple "My Dashboards" which are the differing menu bars that their underlying staff uses?

The new UI is unique, and my users will get through understanding the changes, but let's bring back the ability to customize the information for the end users who actively use it.

The space on the menu bar is available.  The want is there.  Let's bring this back!

Level 9


Level 7


Level 8

Please, I hate having to click twice just to get back to the home page..

Here is a method to create custom tabs.

Adding Custom Tabs To The Top Level Nav Bar

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Community Manager
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