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Create a report from a custom chart

Create a report from a custom chart

If this has been requested before, apologies, I did look but couldn't see it...

Here goes then, it would be massively useful if, when viewing the various statistics that associate with a particular node eg. Min/Max/Average of Average CPU Load that, from this screen, there is a 'create report' option. As far as I can tell, the web based generation of reports more or less is doing this anyway, but for simplicities sake, as I have the information right there, can this be perhaps integrated somehow?

Usage example - We have a customer who would like, on a weekly basis CPU usage of a specific server (or set of servers) & I could just go to the page, set the timeframes etc, create report > schedule > bingo, job done!

If I missed the glaringly obvious around this, please let me know.