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Create Custom Pie Charts

Create Custom Pie Charts

We would like to be able to display custom pie charts. For example, show the status of all my servers with custom property of 'critical' in a pie chart with a standard red/yellow/green code. Or all equipment with custom property 'exchange', etc.

Level 13

That is beautiful! Thank you, been after something similar to this for ages. I will be sure to have a play and explore the possibilities.

Level 13

hehe, no problem

Level 9

It's excellent! Thank you!


Wow!  Seriously, Obi-Wan has taught you well!

Would you be open to the idea of providing screen shots of the steps required to accomplish your beautiful status box?  I bet a LOT of people would appreciate it.

Hi, how to create this type of Dashboard. Kindly let me know as    as mentioned I LIKE EGGS

Hi, how to create this type of Dashboard. Kindly let me know as    as mentioned  I LIKE EGGS

Level 13

HI selvakumaran.l​ apologies for the delay,

I have written up an article here: Operation hours Alerting | Map Syncing | RAG Status Workflow on how I achieved this

originally from this article


Level 11


NPM 12.5 going to be out and still basic thing missing, come on SolarWinds we need this "Custom Pie Chart" while creating views / reports it becoming very important requested FR from most customers.