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Create Custom Pie Charts

Create Custom Pie Charts

We would like to be able to display custom pie charts. For example, show the status of all my servers with custom property of 'critical' in a pie chart with a standard red/yellow/green code. Or all equipment with custom property 'exchange', etc.

Level 8

Does anyone know what is the status on this? I really need this feature or let me know how to create one using SQL Server query. Thanks!

Level 9

General functionality to create my own pie charts would be great.  Lists get too long for the overview page, but a pie chart would be a great use of space (and it wouldn't dynamically change size).

If not the general functionality, then at least a All Nodes by Status chart would be nice.

Level 10
Level 13

Just bumping this as I also would like this feature.

This is very basic need for Reporting and I am amazed to see SolarWinds missed it ... Hope it will be there soon we have ability for charts & tables.

Really appreciate to have ability to add custom pie charts.


Time now for Solarwinds to put up amazing Charts, Dashboards and Views ..

Use of Material UI..

Mobile friendly pages..


Level 13

i would have really loved this recently something simple to see total devices up/down similar to the NCM/ NTA pie charts.

i couldn't get the pie chart so had to opt for this type of view


Level 13

How did you get the text to be live, as in im guessing that count 126 will change if something goes down? How was that done?

Level 13


The value will change if something goes down it will pop into warning first then down.

Basically, a customer wanted an at a glance view of nodes that were down/up per region. they also threw into the mix that becase they are global they have different operation hours so they don't want to see nodes that are down ouside operation hours and also want a map that will dynamical change to reflect the scoreboard.

then another problem is that they don't want alerts out side of operation hours (lol) and wanted everything in sync all maps > all grouping > dashboard > operation hours > alerts tired in together.


here is the way i managed to get this scoreboard to work:

Scoreboard  by cscoengineer (thanks again)