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Create BGP Neighbor Description in Orion Database

Create BGP Neighbor Description in Orion Database

I have several alerts for different customers where I am tracking BGP and OSPF routing neighbours. I had a look in dbo.NPM_RoutingNeighbor and noticed there is currently no field for Neighbour Description. I had a look at the MIB and realised while this might be present in the Router Config it can't be pulled via SNMP.

What I am proposing is a string value (possibly a custom field) that we could edit for each routing neighbour. This description would add a lot more context than just an IP Address.

The huge benefit I see in doing this would be in alerts - you could add the description to an alert rather than just seeing the IP Address.

This may be a niche suggestion that would just be good for me, but from looking at previous forum posts at least a few others would find this functionality useful.

Level 8

I agree.  My company tracks BGP neighbors for 100 different clients, and I NEED a way to be able to distinguish exactly which client went down in the alert.  Even being able to use the interface description would be useful for those purposes.

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Seconded, this has been a rather large thorn in our side for quite some time and is forcing us to look at other solutions.

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I would like the ability to know more on the BGP status alert as well.  Either let me add a description or alert to the VRF the BGP route belongs to.

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This should be a default setting. Not sure why any selection is grayed out. You let me select what information is shown.

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We're starting to get into being our own "carrier" type business and I'm monitoring our route reflectors so we have BGP peers to hundreds of end points and it would be really nice if we could make it do a lookup on the IP and display the node name or setup a description for the neighbor.

I like it.  Even more so now that we're routing our own BGP internally and across custom / private wave bands we've installed to cut our WAN service costs  to a just a fraction of what the commercial carriers were forcing us to pay.

Let's make this be a thing.

Level 11

Just checking if this feature request has been implemented already on 12.5? Appreciate your response. Thank you.