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Copy Alert Trigger/Reset Conditions

Copy Alert Trigger/Reset Conditions

How about a copy/duplicate button when we are building out trigger conditions?

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Since my first week with Orion, six years ago, I've had this minor annoyance. It's always been "one of those things" that just bothers you slightly, but you never do anything about it.

This is our chance.

I think this makes perfect sense, as we might simply only be changing the variable at the end of the line of the trigger conditions and not wanting to search through all the steps again.

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Take an upvote kind sir.

100% one of the small things, that could actually make working with alerts that much slicker and quicker It's a YES from Me

YES!!!!  This would be huge!  While most of my reset actions are to clear when the conditions are no longer true, there has been a few alerts that I've set up where I wrote out exact reset conditions.  Copy & Paste would be awesome.