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Convert all ReportWriter Reports to Web Based reports

Convert all ReportWriter Reports to Web Based reports

The time has come to have someone re-write all of the reportWriterbased reports to be web-based reports and simply retire them.

In my new position I don't have console access to the production servers, and so i can't update the exisiting report writer wireless reports to generate the information I need.

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Level 12

I hate to use the word force. So I'll say that I agree, but deprecating report writer and removing it from the software it will "nudge" users to see the value in the web report writer. You have my up vote. Rewrite them and transfer them to web report writer. Lets move the software forward. Not backwards. 

Level 10

It's ridiculous IMO to deprecate a function and provide no way to convert.  If you've spent years crafting custom reports in the older version and need to fully recreate and QA test in the new interface, that seems like unnecessary busywork. 

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Community Manager
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