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Complete Meraki functionality - handle netflow data from Meraki in NPM

Complete Meraki functionality - handle netflow data from Meraki in NPM

I'd like to see this accomplished if this can be done. I was expecting this to be a part of implementing meraki monitoring in solarwinds.  I'd like to see ways to handle meraki netflow data within the NPM platform.


While this would indeed be nice, I doubt that it's possible.

Meraki don't expose the information for a third party to scan, so there isn't much that Solarwinds can do about it

Meraki has some easy web links to access that give access to an hour-long info-share.  Once complete, you can sign up to get a free Meraki device--Z3, MX, etc.

mcam​ they do provide flow data, just not a source. That's literally the only issue. It's the same problem as with a 7k and with 3650/3850. They include almost everything needed, it's just how NTA processes the flow that's at issue.

If SW went through the demo program, Meraki would give them a free MX65 or Z3, according to my understand of the program.  Three of my guys have done that and gotten free Meraki gear for home.

Of course, you need the cloud service to use it, and that might not be free . . .

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As designerfx​ pointed out, the issue is with the Cisco Netflow implementation. Cisco/Meraki is pointing all flow data to a "virtual" interface, and NTA needs the monitor the physical interface to associate/correlate data.

And I have an MX64 (Security device), MR33 (AP), and MS220-8 (switch)...fully licensed for 3-yrs just for participating in 3 1 hour webinars.


dingserena​   If one or more of your staff had the items referenced in the preceding note from  deverts​, I'm hoping you'd be able to use it to better support our Meraki deployments.

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You'll need an MX...

An MX64 is referenced.

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Product Manager

drawing jreves​ attention to the post

bump/reminder jreves​, this one is going to become more relevant going forward