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Cisco Smartnet integration

Cisco Smartnet integration

Please add the ability to show if a switch or any Cisco device is under smartnet. Cisco has some fairly recent support posts that show that this is possible using API's.

Serial Number to Description and Warranty API|2125163 - Cisco Support Community API to look up device info|2064812 - Cisco Support Community

Level 13

Definitely a must for a proactive product!!

Level 10

Cisco Prime looks really nice, they are just missing the server monitoring parts.I don't know price.

Level 10

That would be a great feature, SmartNet can be a pain we go through everytime we have to do renewals.

Level 8

If a service contract number and contract start/end dates were added to a device, a basic support report could then br produced for monitored hardware.

Level 13

This is a "MUST"!  Cisco SmartNet is such a pain to manage with a large number of Cisco devices.  I am constantly trying to keep my SmartNet current.

Level 10

This would be a huge plus for the Solarwinds suite!

Level 9

Could this be expanded to any vendor ?

Level 10

This would be a great addition, we have to spend some much time when renewal comes around if it can be link some how and be able to create reports  that would be a hugh time saver.  Not only Cisco but any vendor, if there would be an easy way to import the information in.

Any vendor would be good for us too.

Level 16

my manager would kiss you!!