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Change all NPM Charts default period from "Today" to "last 24 hours"

Change all NPM Charts default period from "Today" to "last 24 hours"

This is one thing that has irked me for a long time, so I am finally posting this as a feature request.

Have you every been working late at night, doing some network changes, and you go to Orion to check on the status of your Nodes, Interfaces, Volumes & Custom pollers and find all the charts blank - empty with no data?

  • Yikes!!!
  • What's wrong with Orion NPM?
  • Have my pollers stopped?
  • Where's my data?

Then you look at your clock and see it is just after midnight....

If this has happened to you, then you are a victim of the default time period "Today" used for all default NPM charts.

Some charts I am able to manually change the default to last 24 hours, but there are a some that you cannot.

The other benefit to using 24 hours instead of today, is you can easily compare the current stats to the same time 24 hours ago.

This can help identify anomalies at a glance, without having to click drop-downs or sliders on the chart.

Chances are your chart data should look similar over a 24 hour time period, so data at the beginning of the chart should be a similar value to the end of the chart.

For Solarwinds, this should be a simple change to the ASPX chart resource code.

While they are at it, it would be great to see additional time periods in the default chart drop-down, beyond just 7 and 30 days.

Why not add all the other time periods that are available when selecting a customized chart?

Also make the intervals a little more granular when viewing a 7 or 30 day chart.

Having a single point of data per day over 30 days does not provide much value.

I have to change this every time to 1 or 2 hours to get some detail on the chart.

I know there are new charts in NPM, but I still use the classic style charts extensively.

Based on a Network team of 40 users in my organization, this could save many man-hours over the course of a year.

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Also, they could add a way to select several charts and change the timespan simultaneosly, for example, i want to see the status of CPU, RAM and X Interface at 2:00 PM to 3:00PM without doing it manually chart by chart.

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Yes this happens along with other reasons it says no data... I hate that message.

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Couldn't agree with this more.  24 rolling hours should be the norm.

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I would like that, If I'm reading it correctly...

if you made a dashboard in perfstack it would do it....but then you have to make that very specific dashboard. Not something I enjoy throwing together for people for a quick glance at a server, but more for deep troubleshooting across many systems.  It would be nice to have a slider like functionality perfstack has but at the node level (or any object?) that could override all the metrics on that page, then when saved/selected, it wouldn't necessarily set that setting on all the other objects in the system, just be for looking at that server at that particular time.  Then when people *do* go mess with the timeframes on a server, it doesn't save permanently into the system.

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