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Central Fahrenheit/Celsius switch

Central Fahrenheit/Celsius switch

In my part of the world we use Celsius when talking about temperature and every time when I create a new use I have to change the setting "HARDWARE HEALTH PACKAGE SETTINGS - Temperature Unit" from Fahrenheit to Celsius, for every user.

I suggest there be a central temperature unit default setting switch.

/Thomas, Sweden


I believe that the User Specific Setting is the right way to go, once you manage worldwide implementations you need to be able to differentiate between the locations. Certain teams want farenheit while others want Celsius.

Level 12

Oh I do think you need that too, but as for so many other values there should be a way to change the default setting.

Level 11

This is an information you can change in Orion.UserSettings (= [dbo].[WebUserSettings]) table (for each group/user)


2 for C, 3 for F


0 for F, 1 for C, 2 for K