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Better vPC (or multi-chassis etherchannel) Monitoring

Better vPC (or multi-chassis etherchannel) Monitoring

Cisco vPC doesn't seem to capture the following:

  • auto-dependencies
  • aggregated gateways

Monitoring improvements could include:

  • Aggregating vPC port-channels for traffic
    • could be a dropdown or checkbox when interface is discovered as part of a vCP for "show vPC aggregate throughput"
  • Adding a link to vPC peer when discovered
  • Listing orphan hosts
  • Alerting on configuration inconsistencies between vPC peers (especially interface-level)
  • Alerting on unexpected traffic volume across peer-link

I don't think any of the above are achievable without additional NPM functionality

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Level 10

Maybe in combination with NCM information ?

Level 12

My network admin doesn't want to enable this monitoring through orion for some reason.  Can you give me any feedback to send to him on why we should enable the cli monitoring account to poll this data from our nexus nodes?

Community Manager
Community Manager
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