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Better support for FortiNet Firewalls

Better support for FortiNet Firewalls

I would love to see better integration of FortiNet FW products into all the SolarWinds Applications.

NPM being able to auto-discover the firewall CPU and Memory is basic, being able to also get Interface Stats would be very helpful!

Adding the ability to map the interfaces into the Firewall Policy would be ideal - showing interface name, with associated rule and traffic counts.

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Level 11

Also Wireless monitoring support for Fortigate 310B.  It would be nice if it could pull the same metrics as a Cisco WLC.

I, as well, would like to see a tighter integration with the Fortigate line. The previous regime at my company left me with 40 Fortigate of various models to monitor. And let me tell you, these things are chatty-kathy's! I am still trying to figure out what is real and what is noise. It'd be great if Orion could get with Fortigate's Product Development folks and become one big happy family.  🙂

Level 8

Please add support for fortinet firewalls. The lack of support for our 3000D clusters is frustrating

Level 9

We use Fortinet Wireless Controllers.  This is a must have.

Level 12

Yeah, same for my environment. Fortinet/Fortigate support would take us to the next level.

Level 10

It would be great for overall better support of Fortigate devices.   I had to create UDP  just to grab the serial number and OS version besides the CPU and memory.  It hard to create reports using the UDP since it seems you can only have one in the report since the report you have to have the filter for the particular UDP and UDP stores the info in the same field name.

Unfortunately I think some of it is Fortinet themselves.  They don't really have great SNMP support, nor do they care.  They just want you to use Fortimanager.   So glad my new job isn't using them!   PITA!!

Level 7

Is there anyway that this happens. Fortinet support would be great benefit.

Level 8

Actually Fortinet has fairly good SNMP support. They consistently upgrade their MIB db with upgrades.

Level 8

If this feature is added, please look into adding the FortiWeb line as well.