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Better support for Arista in products (NPM, NCM, etc)

Better support for Arista in products (NPM, NCM, etc)

I would love to see better support for Arista because we use it quite a bit in our Datacenter.   It seems to be ok with the basics, like monitoring nodes and interfaces and such.   But, beyond the surface support seems to drop off quite a bit.

I've noticed you can't out of the box download configs in Orion.

Other have noticed issues like being able to monitor routing or VRF's.

Arista Support

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We just decided to fill our new data center with Arista, and a number of companies near me have done the same. I'd love to see more details.


There were talks sometime balk to create Network Insights for Arista, not sure where they disappeared. Arista took  a back seat and Palo Alto stepped in

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We went with Arista about 2 years ago. I too would like to see better metrics for this vendor.

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I really wondered if Solarwinds is going not to support a platform that has becoming one of the major platforms for enterprise and cloud providers.

Still looking for alternatives once we move everything to Arista platform.

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We've been using Arista switches for over 7 years along with Orion including backing up configs in NCM. Looked at Arista's cloud solution for monitoring which is really really good and crazy expensive but it only does Arista so if you have a mixed environment you would have to use another tool to monitor them. But hey, I would be up for some extra attention to VRF's and VXLAN.