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Better handling of Thin AP's on Cisco WLC's

Better handling of Thin AP's on Cisco WLC's

Currently NPM displays all of the Thin AP's contained within the SNMP message received from a WLC - expected behaviour. However, when an AP goes down, regardless of the reason it is marked as being in an unknown state, and then upon the next poll, if the AP is still down it is removed from NPM altogether.

This just isn't helpful in a monitoring solution. Would it not make more sense to allow us the option of marking an AP as down when it disappears from the SNMP message (unless the MAC reappears on another controller, in which case move it) and then removing it after a defineable period of time such as a week. If there were also the option of manually cancelling an alert (the AP is found to be faulty and has been replaced for example) then this would allow to keep monitoring clean and tidy.

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I was just wondering about this as well. Is there any way to make the WLAN Controller go into a warning state if any of the AP's are down?

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anyone knows a status about that? I think it's still a fact and the only usable workaround is to ping the Thin APs directly...

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  We monitor the switches interface the wireless point is plugged into by adding the interface description with *** Wireless *** (location) and use a group with a filter with the interface description contains “*** Wireless ***” then setting up an alert for the group. I know it’s a lot of hard work when you have 14000+ interfaces and 730+ wireless points to find, but It works for now.


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This doesn't help if the AP is offline for a reason besides power loss/disconnection, eg DHCP lease failed to assign addressing, issues contacting controller (not just network path, but configuration, certificate, authentication, or bugs as well). 

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