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Being able to put a device in a decommissioned state for historical purposes.

Being able to put a device in a decommissioned state for historical purposes.

Hi All

I would like to have a proper way to decommission a device in Solarwinds NPM and sub modules in order to keep histoircal data.


I want to decommission devices for the following reason:

  • Keep the device in a decommissioned state so I can see historical CPU usage, config files, and other requirements

At the moment I have achieved this by changing the IP to a non routed IP and put it in an "unmanaged state" for 10 years in the future. to me though this is a bit of an ugly way to do it, as I need to keep historical information, and I will need to do the above for devices that have been replaced with new hardware as well.

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Level 16 data warehouse is a more complete idea that also solves this problem.

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I would like to know this there some way for us to see/know if a feature request is ever looked at, approved, denied, or some other state?  This request for instance over two years old.  A decommission or archive option would seem to be logical for a network management system.

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and make sure you visit:

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so glad I bumped into this while voting on

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Not sure how I feel about this one, other than I understand the requirement for it. Custom properties help a lot, but you will attempt to poll data from that IP, unless you unmanage forever. I agree that this is not the most helpful thing. Instead of unmanage, another maintenance mode (basically unmanage with a new name) that would be 'forever only.' SHeesh that sounds like an advertisement for jewelry - diamonds are forever. This property would need to ignore the ip address also. I know this is an old post, but it came up in another thread recently. If anyone replies, is there a thread on keeping metrics forever? That would help answer the need and usage for this function.

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