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Automatic Custom Properties based on a dynamic query

Automatic Custom Properties based on a dynamic query

I would like to see custom properties populated by a dynamic query.

For example.  In the custom property "City", create rules:

City=Seattle if node name starts with STL.

City=Atlanta if node name starts with ATL.

Preferably this would use a rules configuration similar to the alerts (including custom swql/sql). 


Level 12

I already do this using the alert action "Set Custom Property".  I just don't like seeing it in the alerts definitions, because it's not an actual alert.

Yep, I've pitched this same idea to PM's.  I'd even suggested that it doesn't have to be functionally different than an alert, just built up a separate UI for specifically this kind of action logic.

Level 7

If you don't want the alerts showing in the manage alerts page, you could instead look at writing an API script to run nightly on the SolarWinds server. As much as having a UI in the web console would be nice, I think the API method will always be more powerful and full-featured.

Level 10

I handle this problem with API script like @marleyf22  mentioned In my case I use powershell.

There are some examples at Github. For example to get into this example is easy for understanding



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Product Manager
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Thank you for submitting this feature request. 

I remember using SQL triggers a few years back to do something similar. Improving custom property management is something @jblankjblank and I have discussed and this would make a great addition. 

Level 12

I would love to have a kind of automation engine that would be different from the alerting engine, to setup specific properties or to be able to set specific threshold automatically or to discover automatically ressources on nodes ! 


something like runbook to automate SolarWinds products without having to rely on third party machines or alerts 🙂

Level 12

A few years ago I setup an "alert" to copy the result of a UnDP to a custom property.
In this case it was to get the serial number and model from non-Cisco devices. and the custom pollers do not support serial numbers.  When I tried to put some logic into the the alert, I could not get it to work but I am not a SQL wiz.
The way it works it very simple, but is show as an active alert.