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Allow us to List Resources on multiple nodes at once.

Allow us to List Resources on multiple nodes at once.

From the Manage Nodes screen, we should be able to check any number of devices that we want and be able to click List Resources. The resulting interface should look like the end of the discovery process where each node is collapsed, and we can expand them to add the resources that we want. I just had to spend over 2 hours adding 1 interface to 91 devices one at a time because the discovery didn't pick up the interfaces that I configured it for. I should have been able to check them all, click List Resources, then expand each one and add the interface that I needed. Instead, I have to check the node, click List Resources, wait for them to be discovered (because it doesn't cache the resources that were discovered during the discovery job), chick the 1 interface that I need, then wait for the refresh back to the Manage Nodes screen so that I can rinse and repeat.


I might be able to help you with a work around on this one.

I end up in the same situation--needing to add an unmanaged interface on a group of devices.  I've found it's easiest to simply run the Network Discovery again, but pointing it only at the nodes to which more interfaces need to be monitored.

1. Create a new Discovery, or edit a past one that was successful.

2. Select the polling engine that will do the scanning.

3. Paste in the IP addresses of the nodes that need another interface added

4. Validate them

5. Next

  • Agents:  Next
  • Virtualization:  Next
  • Config Mgmt:  Next
  • SNMP credentials:  Next (or change them to whatever you monitor these nodes with)
  • Windows Creds:  Next
  • Monitoring Settings:   Select Automatically Monitor Based On My Defined Monitoring Settings
    • Then Click "Define Monitoring Settings"
    • Welcome:  Next
    • Select all the options you want, or DON'T want to be discovered.  For example, when discovering a Cisco 4510 chassis, I don't want any interface monitored if it is Cisco's "Controlled" or "Uncontrolled" interface, so I put in this filter:


    • Volumes:  Next
    • Finish the filter

Click Next to leave the Monitoring Settings window

  • Review the name, settings, details, retries, and timeouts.  Then click Next
  • Select the frequency and whether to Execute Immediately
  • Click Discover or Cancel

If you insert the correct criteria in the window for Choosing What To Monitor, you'll get all the things you want--without having to open up every node individually, clicking on the resource to monitor (as your request goes), or having to rediscover nodes individually.

Here's hoping this might work for you!

I was always under the impression that the selections in Advanced filtering options were AND based, not OR based.

Have you ever run into any issues with this?

I can't remember having problems with that.  It's not something I've specifically tested.

Level 9

I have tested it more than once and it is in-fact AND. This has been a problem for me as well. We have several customers with cookie-cutter setups. They have the same set of interfaces on every device, and I always have to manually add them instead of setting them up to automatically be added.

rschroeder​ I have also used your suggestion to add a particular interface to a number of already monitored devices, but the fact that it is an AND makes it unusable for what I am usually trying to do with it. Thank you very much for the detailed procedure though. I'm sure it will help someone else in the future

I have an unproven expectation that SWQL or SQL queries can be built and substituted for the process I provided, and that these queries could leverage OR instead of AND.

But I haven't seen it done.  Someone like sqlrockstar​ might have the skinny on how this kind of filtering can be done for you, lordnykkon