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Allow full custom SQL queries in the Advanced Alert Manager

Allow full custom SQL queries in the Advanced Alert Manager

lI've had multiple areas I would like to alert on (VIM_Hosts and several others).  Unfortunately I've not found a way to do this beyond trying to hit another location (like SNMP).  This doesn't always allow me to catch what I'm looking for until after the event.

An example I would like to do is -

SELECT HostName, OverallStatus FROM [dbo].[VIM_Hosts]

where OverallStatus = 'red'

Level 9

I hope more people support this.  We've needed to have custom SQL alerts in the past and have had to write custom store procedures and SQL Agent jobs to get them to work.  It would be great if Advanced Alert Manager would just allow us to write fully custom SQL queries and and have them run on schedules and send output similar to other advanced alerts, so that they are visible and manageable in the some spot.

Level 13

We really need to see this implemented! We recently (as in today)  ran into an issue with trying to create a custom sql alert for our F5 pools, and the only choice we have is the F5_Device_V.  This has hampered us to where we are going to have to fall on custom undps instead, after we spent all the time writing the sql to get it working the way we need it to.  Please vote this up!


Chrystal Taylor


Loop1 Systems: SolarWinds Training and Professional Services

Level 12

Don't forget to vote on making the data collection and SQL database more efficient.

Each of that various SolarWinds components collect and store data in a vacuum as though no other components exist. Why collect the same data twice, then store it in two different locations? Why not just have components read and write from some shared tables to eliminate duplication of work?

Please check out my request here: