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Allow customization of Tabular Node Poller's "Resource Properties"

Allow customization of Tabular Node Poller's "Resource Properties"

When using tabular pollers, if some pollers return more values than others then all Row ID's show. This gives un needed values.

Mainly I want only the RowID's that are multiples of 1K. This pulled the line card/module information.

Rather than have to open each node and edit each table, to remove all other RowID's (other than the thousands), we need an option to customize this in bulk.

Possibly tied to device/machine Type or a customizable option to tender this off a Custom Property. - this is to Choose 1K through 7 K for 4507's,  1K through 10K for 4510's and so on

Adding the pollers give's a full table, so this is an effort to manipulate this;

To this, for multiple nodes... not just one at a time. - I have hundreds and don't want to open each page to adjust the table.

... i changed poller names since this screenshot... so diff, column names.. (just in case someone is wondering)...

Level 17

The DB Manager has the resource properties table and a new line shows up with each Node that I do customize the RowID's on. If I could only add in a line rather than just edit what is there.

A report with machine type sort displaying node ID to tell me what node ID's need rows for that resource to create the custom poller table. So anyone got tips on adding to that part of the DB it would be great... I do say a little automation is nice too, so bump.

Level 17

Also useful for Nexus Tables.

Level 9

how do you use or create tabular pollers?

Level 17

Using the Universal Device Poller - open your poller to edit, then click the plus to show advanced options.


   - when setting up your pollers if you use a base OID it will bring up the different tables you can poll. If you need a base setup check out : Nexus Device Tables . UnDP

Once your pollers are in place add the tabular poller resource to your node display.

*This should get you started. This link also may have some reference you need to get this all setup -> Re: Nexus 7k/5k/2k hardware monitor support

Good Luck!

Level 9

CAHUNT thanks for your help! I finally figured out where to add the information into tabular pollers however I am not getting the same view as you have.

Level 17

Glad to hear it's working.... put up a screen shot and lets see what's going on.