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Allow Node Add/Update via CSV Template

Allow Node Add/Update via CSV Template

A lot of folks have asked to fix various cumbersome parts of the node import / discovery process

I suggest this as both a stop-gap method and as a way to allow customer to create a node import list using whatever means they desire.

In many cases this will be a script, or the results of many script processes, possibly run in parallel from different locations.

It also wouldn't matter how long it took to create the list, and it would likely offload a lot of NPM work vs. each list item.

If we had a CSV template that allowed us to import nodes, including the interfaces, volumes, etc. that we did/didn't want, it would simplify and speed up the entire process.

Picture a column for each type of node property we wanted to see, or perhaps even a keyword (like ANY, FIXED, or VIRT) to indicate everything in (say) the 'Volumes' column that we cared about.

This could also finally let us create templates of node groups for repeated (batch) import or update, with NPM handling any new or changed node information.

It puts node updates into the hands of the users, giving us the freedom to maintain these node list any way we wish.

NPM could be configured to react in different ways on errors: don't import, mark as unmanaged, etc.

I'd use this feature a lot.

Level 10

Doing a new install now with hundreds of subnets, this feature would have been nice to have, plus the ability to add some custom properties to each node as it is imported would have saved so much time.

Would I ever need to use this feature again? Most likely no, but for new customer installs, could have save me days of work.

You could do that via the API. if you ever need this feature again, drop me a line.

Level 12

If there's an API script, we could use it. Our existing install has been upgraded so many times, upgrades don't work anymore. So we have to do a fresh install. We're looking at nearly a 1000 nodes, lots of custom properties too. My head this throbbing at the amount of work needed to do this, and our execs are questioning the value in Solarwinds as a product that doesn't support any such level of feature.

did you manage to copy over your nodes. I did exactly what you want to do for 2 of my clients. let me know if you need assistance.

Level 7

Herr, can you provide some help here.  I am about to undertake a large discovery and using a script to do this would be great.

Hi, I sent you a direct Message.


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