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Alert - Native PowerShell Action

Alert - Native PowerShell Action

The ability to perform any number of capabilities within the Execute External Program and Execute VBScript has meant so much can be achieved as an alert action.

PowerShell is now ubiquitous for Windows scripting and I feel it would be better to have a native PowerShell alert action method available in the Alerting engine in Orion. Currently, you can execute PowerShell scripts, but this requires a PS1 script being created, saved on the primary Orion server (i.e. only available on the file system for editing) and the use of the Execute External Program to reference the PowerShell command line interface to run the PS1 script. This works and works well enough.

However, it would be great to have a more controllable interface, which provides not only the ability to enter the script content in the Orion alert UI, but also to have form files for action control, such as:

  • Script body
  • Script Arguments - pass parameters to the script
  • Execution mode
  • Impersonate and Credential selection

Mark Roberts

Prosperon - UK SolarWinds Partners

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Level 16

That would be a big plus, I have spent quite a bit of time in Powershell

Level 11

Yes! All of this! I've run into these limitations so often. We want basically the same script implementation for Alert Actions External Program as we have for the SAM Windows PowerShell monitor. Impersonation/Credentials and Remote Execution would be amazing.

Level 20

I guess that's part of the reason SAM is good since it does some of this.

Level 8

it would be nice to have  alert action for  SolarWinds Agnet , where scripts could be distributed on each node to C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\Agent\Scrips similar to VMware Tools vSphere Guest API