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Alert Delay via Custom Property

Alert Delay via Custom Property

We often end up building a new alert using the exact same conditions when a team says "Hey, we want our CPU/Memory/Widget X alert delay to be YY minutes instead of ZZ minutes."  The only reason we create the new alert is to change the alert trigger and/or reset delay.

I propose that the option for a custom property option be added so that we can specify delay by using node/application/volume/interface (as defined by the alert scope) custom property to define the delay and reduce the number of duplicate alerts.

Level 8

Can I vote 3 times?

Level 14

If you could vote 300 times I would let you.

Maybe mrs.alterego​ could stack the ballot box for us??

Level 13

Ha! jbiggley​ - thanks for calling me out publicly...I hate public attention!!! LOL  But...I did vote it up for you guys, so ciulei​, you're only 1 shy away from your 3x vote! 

Level 14

Now all we need is some adatole​, maria.bungau​ and DanielleH​ love and we'll have critical mass!

Level 17

You'll always get MY vote! Plus, this is a REALLY good idea.

Level 16

jbiggley​, of course you guys get my vote!

Level 17

I'm in..I had to replicate alerts as well....also, go vote up the if...then...else b/c that would allow you to do this as well.

This is an absolutely fantastic idea. Any time customization can be made easier using custom properties, I am all over it.

Right now I need multiple alerts for this, so I hardly ever set things up with a delay, but I know the people who get my alerts want this type of wiggle room.

Level 14

Done and done.