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Alert Delay via Custom Property

Alert Delay via Custom Property

We often end up building a new alert using the exact same conditions when a team says "Hey, we want our CPU/Memory/Widget X alert delay to be YY minutes instead of ZZ minutes."  The only reason we create the new alert is to change the alert trigger and/or reset delay.

I propose that the option for a custom property option be added so that we can specify delay by using node/application/volume/interface (as defined by the alert scope) custom property to define the delay and reduce the number of duplicate alerts.

Level 12

i asked for this years ago, before we had thwack voting, if only it has been done... 

Level 17

I think this needs to be on the bump list..

wluther​, familyofcrowes​, Jfrazier​, cahunt​, bluefunelemental​, byrona​,​, RichardLetts​, rschroeder

At first I would be happy being able to copy an alert trigger line, such as node custom property xyz starts with abc, as the modal property/field selection window is slow and repetitive.

After that enhancement yes I would like to have the alert email action to and cc fields properly take custom property values, emails of course.

And after that it makes sense that I would prioritize central and reusable many to one alert actions.

But then the alert delay from custom property thingy.

I think this would be an impressive option to add.

But to drive the impact home, how about taking some space and defining the exact steps you have to duplicate to build the new widget.  Then everyone not only learns how to do it, but can see how much work this good idea would save.

Level 17

bluefunelemental​  The SQL in TO: and CC: fields is a good and recurring one...they fix, it breaks...ugh!

I thought the custom property values are taken well for the most part, though I do get errors on a '@' in the header (case 1023319) intermittently.  With 12.0 they did provide for the reusable alert actions....can't wait to upgrade and get that working...have to really think how to maximize efficiency and effectiveness on that one.

Most of my alerts are SQL based...

morning ramble bump

Level 21

njoylif​ this seems like a pretty reasonable request to me so I gave it my vote.


This is why we need the personal contact groups so we can set out own @bumplist group for those we all ways call on.

njoylif​, this would clean up some of our alerting as well






community bump for awareness.

Level 17

start the week right - bump