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Adding groups instead of nodes to limitations

Adding groups instead of nodes to limitations

When adding limitations, you have to add the nodes you want the users to be able to see, when you add the group, it only adds the group not the nodes contained in the group. This makes it a pain when you add new nodes because you then have to go into the limitations and manually add them instead of being able to add the group. Please change this or add a dynamic addition by ip address as you have that allows subnets to be automatically sorted into groups. 

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Have you considered using a custom account limitation based on a Node Custom Property? While not exactly the use case you describe it may better allow you to manage your limitations.

Level 9

@tony.johnson but even if I did that, wouldn't I still have to add the custom property to each node I want to be added anyways? I'm looking to add nodes that get dynamically sorted into groups to be auto-added to limitations instead of adding them manually. 

Level 8

What if you use dynamic grups based on Custom Properties? 

That way, your CP would resolve your account limitation issue and your dynamic groups issue.