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Add support for Palo Alto

Add support for Palo Alto

I honestly thought this as already a suggestion but couldn't find it, so here it is.

Getting built in support for Palo Alto hardware would be great - even better would be being able to get alerts based on PA alerts as well (hey, I can hope)

Even more useful now that Solarwinds uses PA gear

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I'd love to see it.  Were in the process of switching out our cisco stuff for theirs.  I feel alerting is also critical and should be included.

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We would love to see this as well. We are moving to exclusively Palo Alto for our firewall deployments Solarwinds monitoring would be wonderful.

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We are using more PA f/w now too as well.

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Feature request for
Palo Alto Hardware health polling

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Is this in the works Solarwinds? I would be helpful to know. I am not always on the latest NPM and don't want to be If I don't have to.


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Hopefully now that ASA Insight is ready to roll out we'll maybe get some Palo Alto support?

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Man, as popular as Palo's are I am surprised this hasn't been implemented yet...  Our company just switched over to using Palo's in the new DC's they built and from a SolarWinds Orion perspective we are quite limited (we had Cisco ASA's before...). 

The network guys want a report by COB today that has the serial numbers for all of our network gear on it.  The hardware health pollers get me most of our devices, but the Palo's, F5's, and Fortinets in our inventory I have to get from NCM.  The bad news is that, for some reason, NCM isn't grabbing the correct serial number for the Palo's, so now I'm trying to build a UnDP just for them...

What I really wish SolarWinds would do is to make Serial Number (or Service Tag or whatever name they want to call it) a standard Node Details item.  Then, we could just create a custom Node Details poller in the new "Manage Pollers" feature for the devices where it doesn't work out of the box.  You would think Serial Number would just be a standard thing that everybody would want, even outside of Hardware Health.

Level 16

It will get done faster if Cisco will buy Palo Alto ...

So talk to Cisco 🙂