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Add a "Select All" checkbox in multi-line graphs.

Add a "Select All" checkbox in multi-line graphs.

In Solarwinds NPM, there are a number of graphs, displaying multiple data in one graph, by means of colored lines. For instance like this graph:


To select only one single graph in a multi-item graph, you have to "uncheck"  all checkboxes, except the only one you need... After every uncheck, the webpage has to be refreshed but if the page refreshes itself in the meantime, you can startover again.

So to uncheck all graphs, can be a very annoying, time consuming job. I got a lot of user complaints about this... The idea is to introduce the "Select All" checkbox now available for only Solarwinds administrators, reachable for users without edit rights to (uncheck) all items in a graph.  This "Select All" option is currently available only when you have edit authorisation.

We would also like to see an automated Top-N option, to be able to show only the highest values (Top-N) in a graph.

I think many SolarWinds users would greatly appreciate that !

Level 10

It will make live easier for our SolarWinds users

Level 10

When you are building this "select all" checkbox, maybe it is also a good idea to make it possible to select only the top-N in a multiline graph.. that would change data into information  !

Level 12

Like this idea!

Level 10

That should be included too !

Community Manager
Community Manager
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