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Add Merlin/Eaton Devices (APC) for UPS style monitoring option

Add Merlin/Eaton Devices (APC) for UPS style monitoring option

Merlin Gerin/Eaton devices were acquired by APC and are basically the same as an APC device. Not 100%, but mostly. So I'd like to see them have the same UPS backup monitoring such as APC's have. Can we please get to that feature parity?

I can see this being a more simple/general concept in line with


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Yes please!

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Yes it is the same idea as I suggested in my feature request, I just suggested doing it for most of the major UPS OEM's. The main difference is the root OID in the MIB's. Some implement things a little differently, however most of the MIBs return the same info for the same MIB with just that OEM part of the MIB changing APC is 318, PPC is 935, Eaton is 534, MST is 13409, SANTEK is 3941.

In fact I took this APC app and modified it using the appropriate ROOT OID and now have it working for my PPC devices.  So If I can do it, they could make it work for us fairly easily.

I have added a feature request to SAM too, to add the SAM application template for this, which is what I modified to make it all work.

jason.carrier​ do you know who would look at this one? You/someone else? The idea we're all trying to get it is handling (all) UPS's the same way as APC's. Pretty simple ask and would let me retire a bunch of UNDP's in the process.

Product Manager
Product Manager

I'd be the guy to look at it. Feature Request makes sense. I'm not sure where it would rank in terms of priority though. Developer capacity challenges are ever-present.

Care to throw me some SNMP walks of the devices you're looking to have supported?

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The walks are really kind of not needed if you are just duplicating the APC app, the only real change is the core OID as I mentioned above and in my other posting of Feature Request in NPM.  If you look at the MIBS, they are identical for the various OEMs...well almost. I did find one difference from the PPC vs APC MIN's, however that wasn't one of them used in the SAM app template used to create the info displayed.

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I can do one better, I can even provide UNDP's for half the stuff needed for the MG's.