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Add Export to csv / excell

Add Export to csv / excell

I would like to be able to export syslog data view to  excel / csv.

Currently i can use the Filters to show me the info i need but then i need to copy and  paste the data into excel to perform any trend analysis

Level 13

Hi Marc, I see there are a couple of canned syslog reports in NPM 11.5

I don't run syslog sorry on that particular instance (My NPM 11.5 is a Trap Filter/Forwarder only - Prod is v10.4.1) so can't give you a definite answer.

Previously I used to add "&dataformat-xls" to the NPM pages I wanted reports in Excel though.

So if your filtered page provides a distinct URL to it, you could add that on the end.


Level 9

I could generate a report, or run a sql query i just thought this would be a nice feature to add

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