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Add Custom Names to Site-to-Site VPNs in Network Insight for ASA

Add Custom Names to Site-to-Site VPNs in Network Insight for ASA

It would be very useful to be able to add a custom name to the VPNs listed under my ASA

and have that name available as a variable for alerts so that I can quickly see where

that VPN is connected without having to know the IP off the top of my head:



Very useful feature .. can help easily identify the VPN tunnel with a name tag.

Level 7

I would vote for this 100 times.

Let's consider adjusting it slightly.  We should never had to add custom information into NPM for it to be displayed--if we already have that information within our nodes.  A comment, an entry in the snmp-server location line, the node's hostname--any of those types of things should be something Solarwinds can discover and display with a simple click of an API enabling button.

That's the next step to the future.  Let's have no more Custom Poller fields that we must manually add.  Let the API take that info right out of the nodes' configuration files.

Level 9

Opened a support case on this as well just to see if there were any options available. Custom properties, in-line edit, something, we need the ability to enhance the data that is being collected. We're looking to implement fields that track the customer, the far end contact, the near end contact, and the SLA expectation of the tunnel.

Level 12

Technically though.... we already HAVE custom information, that every one of us uses, that we enter into SolarWinds and view every day. It's the "Caption" information that displays the friendly name of a node. The caption can be anything we want, as opposed to, "Sysname" which is the hostname of the device and is what SolarWinds pulls directly from the device. Those two don't always have to be the same. Now, I'll concede that we don't have to set the caption to be different from what SolarWinds pulls as sysname, but it's a common practice. Not sure why being able to customize the display name of a VPN tunnel to help make it more descriptive would be an issue.

If I could vote for this one a thousand times, I would.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open for Voting
Level 8

I wish that option is available too.  I've configured name in my ASA devices, but that doesn't work.  It'd be much easier to identify which tunnel is down base on the name instead of IP

Level 7

On the ASA if you name the ip addresses of the VPN destination that's the way in which i was able to get Solarwinds to reflect the tunnel names. 

For example 

name Tunnel_To_NetwokrA

Worked perfectly.