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Add Creation Date column to Nodes, Interfaces, Volumes tables

Add Creation Date column to Nodes, Interfaces, Volumes tables

There are many times we would like to know the date a node or interface was added to NPM.  It's great node/interface changes are being logged in Events but this is not helpful for permanent historical purposes.  I'd like to request a new column be added to the Nodes table labeled "Node Added" (or Node Created) so this information is retained until the Node is retired/deleted.  Also, would like to have this info displayed in the Advanced Node Details resource.  In addition, a similar column be added for Interfaces and Volumes tables. 

Level 11

I needed to know where a node was added, to solve this i had to check the message center, filter by auditing events, filter by node, and then look for the first entry.

I would love to see this information/feature, as well as, the user who added the node or interface...

Node added on:

Node added by:

This would help track down when, why, and which user(s) added which nodes/interfaces. There have been countless times when we get alerts for an interface down, yet that interface should not even be in the system.  Then I start getting "TPS Report" questions about why we are monitoring that interface... to which my only response is, I was not aware we were monitoring the interface... which then leaves the only explanation of, SolarWinds must be adding these nodes/interfaces automatically... which is not a desired function/feature, in our world...



Perhaps if there was an ability to query the audit table more easily (instead of RDP connecting to server and running SQL queries), this need and others would be met more easily.

Level 9

This would be a very useful and helpful feature as everyone has mentioned. Plus as Will said, adding the user would be even better. Any "who did what..." feature is a good thing to have.

Level 9

This is a great idea.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open for Voting

BUMP - This is still not a thing, and whilst there has been improvements on searching the Audit Table, I would agree that Node Creation details should be kept in a different table and excluded from the Audit Log. It could simply live in the NodesData table