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Add Components as an option for Perfstack Builds

Add Components as an option for Perfstack Builds

In this example, I have a component built for a Linux box that runs a script and produces a numerical value from said script. In my legacy views, I can put this value on a graph and track it. In Perfstack, I can see the component, but the only thing I can graph is availability, not the actual value. I'd love to get past this limitation as I'm converting tons of custom pages to Perfstack views for my internal customers.

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Well now you can add statistics for Components, but the problem is you can't add Components as individual entities (they don't even show up in the Entity Search section...).  You can get to them via expanding applications, but if a Component is a multi-value statistic, like that of Script monitors, it doesn't display the Component name on the chart, it only displays the formatted statistic name.  It's super frustrating.  If I'm trying to plot multiple script components' statistics, it doesn't work because they all have the exact same label. 

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