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Add CRUD Verbs for Thresholds in Orion SDK

Add CRUD Verbs for Thresholds in Orion SDK

After spending hours upon hours transferring custom properties to thresholds in nodes, interfaces, and volumes. I finally have some time to ask for the SDK to be enhanced to allow us to create these changes in bulk.

For reference, you can change thresholds once you have enabled the option in the "edit" screen. (meaning, once you have check the 'Override Orion' checkbox, an entry for that object will be made in the dbo.Thresholds table|Orion.Thresholds entity) But you cannot create a new threshold. This caused a LOT of manual work that took about 6-8 minutes for every 250 objects; and I worked through tens of thousands of objects

EDITED TO ADD: Yes, you can technically do a direct insertion of the thresholds you'd like to create in SQL; but we all know that we shouldn't be doing direct insertions to our SQL databases right?

Help me tdanner​, you're my only hope!

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#bump_squad​... ASSEMBLE!!!!

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This would be amazing... we like to change to baseline threshold all our storage related threshold... At least if the threshold could be easily reference using uri

Yes, please implement.  API all the things, no more GUI.

Please implement this